About the Tew Centre

The Tew Centre opened in December 2006 as a new community hall serving the villages of Great and Little Tew. It provides facilities for recreation, education, sport and leisure and is also home to the Great and Little Tew Cricket Club.

The Tew Centre is a registered charity and its construction was supported by grants from:

West Oxfordshire District Council's Village Hall major grants scheme.
The European Community West Oxfordshire Network LEADER+ programme
Defra's Rural Enterprise Scheme
The Doris Field Trust
The Eloise & Katie Plunkett Memorial Trust
The Foundation for Sport and the Arts
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Great Tew Estate
The Great Tew Village Hall Trust
Great & Little Tew Cricket Club
Little Tew Parish Meeting
Oxfordshire County Council
The Sandford Trust
The Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment,
and generous donations from many local people including Alexander Maddan, David & Elizabeth Cooper, Miranda Curtis & Mandy Wilson, Edward Fiddy, Robin Fleming, Barry & Brenda Gibson, Sara McRae, David Carleton Paget, John Carleton Paget, Pam & Sven Hammarling, Jan & Sue Stanek, John Sword, and Eve & Michael Williams-Jones.
Some of the funding came in the form of loans, and there is an ongoing fund-raising programme to repay these and ensure the Tew Centre's future. For further details please contact the Hon Treasurer, Paul Catling – paul@bfpltd.co.uk.
The Tew Centre registered charity number: 1102191